Mo Vlogs, the young rich car fanatic now wants to be a presenter at Top Gear


He recently said that he had this plan for a while, but only now makes it public. Mo Vlogs hopes that this would help him defy people who bother him with criticism. According to Mo Vlogs, they are jealous and irrelevant.
The young millionair who gave himself the Mo title, now shares some insight in this new idea of joining Top Gear and contributing to charity.

Mo Vlogs is a famous presence on Youtube with his collection of super cars, reviews and vlogs. His followers and fans seemed to react with excitement when Mo Vlogs announced that he would participate in an audition for the TV show Top Gear. The latest information says that so far, Mo Vlogs has yet to submit one of his Youtube videos that is required for the audition.

Right now, Mo Vlogs was busy with a trip to Pakistan where he helped orphans for charity. He explained a few details about the audition. None of his already existing Youtube videos meet the requirements. He has to be in the shot for 30 seconds non-stop. None of his cars are supposed to be visible, so that would already disqualify all of his youtube videos. His passion for cars should be convincing through his attitude and speech alone. That makes it more challenging, but Mo Vlogs is someone who is also known for his charisma and looks. He said he’ll just try, wait and see.

His main goal is simply seeing people happy, and inspiring other young people to work hard for success. He treats his showroom as some kind of museum people can visit to see the cars he and his father have. His father is also the person where Mo Vlogs got his passion for cars from.

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